Sleepless In San Francisco…
Monday December 10th 2007, 5:07 pm
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I have a serious case of the Mondays, coming down with a slight cold and to add insult to injury I’m on the phone with Continental’s customer service booking tickets and hotels. I heart speaker phone, but it annoys the crap out of everyone else here so I think my neck needs a rub.

Anyways I had more enjoyment from this weekend that expected. It all started off by catching Yih and Gloria at the A3 meet in Saratoga. I was able to scope out Gloria’s new Oettinger A3, poke fun at Yih, catch up with Mike, Greg, April. The unexpected part was Brandon rolling up and flossin his flashy Eisenmann quad exhaust. After this I rolled into the Mountain View CalTrain station to catch the 433 up to San Francisco. Once in San Francisco Alycia and Jonathan scooped me up and we were off to Rocket World head quarters.

Before Jonathan linked me Rocket World I had no idea what it was. If you thought I was past the point of all hope with these vinyl toys you should meet Jonathan - I am normal in comparison. He introduced me to Patrick Ma who runs Rocket World and TAD Gear. I’m usually not too big on meeting these artists or having them sign, draw, or puppet something but speaking with Patrick was really fascinating. Jonathan observed that we were almost mirror images, metaphorically speaking. The first hint was the Panerai 0111 strapped to his wrist, the second him being of Asian descent, the third vintage Vespas - I don’t care for Vespas, but I do like pristine old shit, and restored automobillia such as Porsche Speedsters, Mercedes 300sl’s, and I have an appreciation for anything sourced out of passion. Patrick was also an avid, seasoned outdoors man, rides bicycles, digs modern furniture/design, and of course vinyl figures. I found him interesting, but I guess I find myself interesting as well. He recommended Burma Superstar for dinner so we were off to inner richmond for dinner. You can read more about Burma Superstar in the food blog.

Next up was Jen’s holiday party, not too much to talk about here except there was this girl who looked like Rosie Mcgowan, except a miniature version and happened to fall off one of those…well…ran into the patio door as a child. Consumption of multiple varieties of beer, my favorite being the Anchor Steam Merry Christmas & Happy New Year brew. Alycia disappearing with one of Jen’s friends for a hour or two, and of course…Sunny has the hots for Jen. She’s cute, he has my seal of approval.

We didn’t go to sleep till something like 5am, when I woke up at 10 I found Crystal on Skype. As we video chatted I realized my hair looked like Astroboy’s. This totally made my morning as we’ve been trying to figure out a video format for over 3 weeks now. Skype worked! w00t! As we chatted everyone started to wake up; first Sunny, then Jonathan, and finally Alycia. As we wrapped things up and got ready we were ready for brunch. It was a gorgeous day, and we totally had to take advantage of it. We ended up at The Ramp; not only did we have a waterfront view, we had a first row view of the internationally infamous Cosco Bunsan, it was getting patched and ready to get out to sea again. Brunch was actually quite dismal, however the plain fact that we were having brunch outside, under the sun, in perfect weather in San Francisco itself made it quite the epic event. We headed back around 3pm Sunday; I was worried about getting a CalTrain ticket for parking over 24 hours, and Sunny was sad as he couldn’t stay to hang out with Jen at Alycia’s Hanukkah party.

I also finally got a bag of Blue Bottle roasted coffee beans for Larry, you have no idea how long it took me to get these. I was so frustrated I called Fraiche one morning and asked what it would take for them to hold a bag or 10, to my surprise (and a testament to my stupidity) they have been doing this to accommodate their client’s absurd schedules and as an extended limb or service. Fantastic.

I’m looking forward to the end of this week, this is not good as it’s only Monday. However it should be fun, assuming I don’t become any more sick. New wheels for the bike, delicious food, the first Toasty Friday event, Lucas arriving back into town, I finally have my tickets confirmed, and of course…after this coming Friday it’s only a week before I see Crystal again. I’m stoked!