An April Fool…
Wednesday April 01st 2009, 4:02 pm
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Today is our anniversary. Yes, it is ironically April Fool’s.

Being a good boyfriend I decided to send Crystal one of the more modern floral arrangements through Teleflora which has been nothing but awesome. Until today…

Crystal sends me an email with “Thanks for the flowers!!!!!” this afternoon with the enclosed picture:

Baffled, I wasn’t sure if I should reply back to her…as she seemed to be satisfied - but I asked her if that was what they really delivered. Without waiting for a response I sent a less then amused email, and I believe some of it was profanity laced.

Adam replied - shocked, embarrassed, and probably genuinely amused. He offered a full refund, or whatever it will take to set things right. I mean come on, the two aren’t even SIMILAR!!!!

Crystal got caught up so didn’t have time to respond until just a few minutes ago. I’m sure she was literally rolling on the floor laughing, while i was rolling on the floor moaning. Anyways, she replied, “April Fools!!!!”

Therefore I ended up with the delightful task of explaining this entire situation to Adam, the teleflora customer service guy. So, with this I HIGHLY recommend Teleflora’s services and sincerely hope that whoever you’re dating is a whole lot less mischievous then Crystal.

Just wait…I’m going to get her back.

-April Fool

HAHAHAHA…She got you..She got you gooooood..

Comment by Ryan 04.02.09 @ 10:03 pm

yessir. pwnt.

Comment by Wallace 04.02.09 @ 10:49 pm

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